PHOTOGALLERY 1 (days 1 and 2)

PHOTOGALLERY 2 (days 3, 4 and 5 + posters)

This conference brings together scientists of different research disciplines active in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology, with a focus on colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals and metal nanoparticles.

General site of NANAX conference series:

Main Topics

  • Chemical synthesis, shape control and surface functionalisation
  • Assembly/self-assembly
  • Optical, electronic and magnetic properties; observation of novel phenomena, individual and collective properties
  • Applications in optoelectronics, biology, catalysis, energy production & harvesting, information technologies
  • Theory and modelling

Scientific Advisory Board

Alexander Eychmüller (Dresden University)
Daniel Vanmaekelbergh (Utrecht University)
Liberato Manna (IIT Genova)
Maksym Kovalenko (ETH Zurich)
Paul Mulvaney (University of Melbourne)
Ulrike Woggon (TU Berlin)
Zeger Hens (Gent University)

Local Organising Committee

Ana Rita Rodrigues (Minho University)
António Queirós (Minho University)
César Rui Bernardo (Minho University)
Manuel Filipe Costa (Minho University)
Maria Fátima Cerqueira (Minho University)
Mikhail Vasilevskiy (Minho University)
Paulo Coutinho (Minho University)
Yury V. Kolen’ko (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Braga)

Conference Organisers

Andrey Rogach
City University of Hong Kong, SAR China
Mikhail Vasilevskiy
Minho University, Portugal
Peter Reiss
CEA, Grenoble, France